Winners of the Government Digital Excellence Award Announced

Winners of the Government Digital Excellence Award Announced

May 30, 2024

29 May, 2024, Muscat— The Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology held a ceremony to announce the first Government Digital Excellence Award winners on Wednesday evening. His Excellency Sheikh Al-Fadhl bin Mohammed Al-Harthy, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, patronaged the event, which was attended by ministers, dignitaries, and members of digital transformation teams from various government institutions.


The ceremony began with a speech by His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Amer Al-Shezani, Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology. He emphasised that the awards recognise efforts that have delivered innovative digital solutions, significantly enhancing government work models and environments. He highlighted the ongoing commitment to empowering and motivating government institutions to adopt the highest standards and best practices in their digital transformation journeys, contributing to the priorities of Oman Vision 2040. This vision aims to establish a flexible and innovative government apparatus capable of shaping the future. Oman strives to enhance its position in a rapidly advancing world by employing digitisation and developing new methods to improve government performance and simplify services for citizens and businesses, aiming to provide efficient, easily accessible, innovative services anytime, anywhere.


His Excellency added that the award aims to encourage institutions and individuals to continue innovating and excelling in digital transformation, adopting a culture of digital change in the government sector, promoting competitiveness, improving digital services, and leveraging advanced technologies. This will help build an integrated digital society that overcomes challenges and seizes opportunities.


He mentioned that the award saw extensive participation from various government institutions, with 111 entries across its tracks (initiatives, services, competencies) from 40 government entities. Additionally, 56 government institutions were targeted in the "institutions" track, subject to periodic evaluation for digital transformation excellence. The high level of participation reflects the institutions' commitment to digital transformation and the adoption of modern technologies, believing in their contribution to achieving national goals and the future aspirations of Oman Vision 2040.


His Excellency pointed out that the award entries were evaluated by a committee comprising independent experts and specialists from the government sector, chosen based on their fields, practical experience, contributions to various initiatives, and participation in local and international digital transformation awards, ensuring transparency and impartiality.


The Winners


The Government Digital Excellence Award included ten awards divided into four tracks: institutions, initiatives, services, and competencies.


In the institutions track, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority won the award for the best institution achieving digital transformation in government. The Royal Oman Police was awarded the best institution to achieve a digital user experience and beneficiary satisfaction. In the ‘initiatives’ track, the Ministry of Health won the best comprehensive digital initiative for developing the electronic medical fitness examination system. The Oman Medical Specialty Board won the award for the best initiative in innovation and the use of advanced technologies for the Medical Simulation and Innovation Center. The committee withheld the prize for the best electronic community participation initiative category as no entries met the specified evaluation criteria.


In the "services" track, the Ministry of Interior won the award for the best digital government service provided to beneficiaries for the "Intikhab" application. The Royal Oman Police won the award for the best digital government service provided to the business sector for the "Bayan" application. Dhofar Governorate (Dhofar Municipality) and the Social Protection Fund won the competencies track for the best government digital transformation team. His Excellency Dr Ahmed bin Mohsen Al-Ghassani, President of Dhofar Municipality, and Mr Fahd bin Khalfan Al-Battashi, Assistant Director General of the General Directorate of IT Planning at the Ministry of Labour, won the award for the best employee and leader of digital change. An exceptional certificate of appreciation was awarded to the Royal Court Affairs for outstanding efforts in employing technologies and digital transformation to improve the institution's work efficiency.


Regarding participation in the award, His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Salem Al-Mandhari, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health for Planning and Health Organisation, stated that digital transformation in the health sector is one of their strategic priorities. The Ministry is committed to supporting and encouraging projects that contribute to this goal. The Ministry participated in the electronic medical fitness examination system in the best comprehensive digital initiative category. This initiative automates medical fitness examination procedures, from application submission and fee payment electronically to all procedures at licensed private medical examination centres in Oman to issuing medical fitness certificates or confirming positive test results at government examination centres according to the medical protocol established by the Ministry to govern medical fitness examination procedures.


He added that the system has achieved several strategic objectives for the Ministry, aligning with the Ministry of Health's digital transformation plan under Oman Vision 2040. The system harnesses technology to achieve the desired goals of health programs and initiatives to combat infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis, ensuring the security and safety of Omani society.


His Excellency Dr Ahmed bin Mohsen Al-Ghassani, President of Dhofar Municipality, spoke about their participation in the award, emphasising that Dhofar Governorate's participation in the Government Digital Excellence Award is part of enhancing the digital transformation journey in the governorate and achieving Oman Vision 2040. He highlighted the importance of providing services in the governorate using modern technologies to facilitate procedures and improve services. The municipality participated in the best government digital transformation team category, striving to increase the services provided using digital solutions through a team that continuously adopts new initiatives driven by teamwork and diligence to achieve the governorate's digital goals. He reaffirmed their commitment to providing innovative and effective digital solutions that meet the community's expectations for quick and efficient transaction processing, continue to enhance digital transformation and deliver outstanding government services that improve the quality of life.