The 33rd Edition of COMEX 2024 Technology Exhibition Launched with Participation of Over 100 Local and International Institutions

The 33rd Edition of COMEX 2024 Technology Exhibition Launched with Participation of Over 100 Local and International Institutions

May 27, 2024

Under the patronage of His Highness Sayyid Theyazin  bin Haitham Al Said, Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, and with the participation of more than 100 local and international institutions in the technical field, the activities of the COMEX 2024 exhibition in its 33rd edition, organized by Dar Al Arabia in partnership with... Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology. The four-day exhibition aims to promote digital investment. Reviewing the latest technologies and electronic services. 



His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Amer Al-Shaythani, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology for Communications and Information Technology, said in his speech that the Ministry is working in accordance with the royal directives of His Majesty to make the digital economy a priority and a tributary to the national economy. Therefore, the Ministry is working to implement the National Program for the Digital Economy in cooperation with the relevant institutions in the government and private sectors. The program aims to raise the percentage of the digital economy’s contribution to the gross domestic product from 2% to 10% by the year 2040 and achieve growth in 8 executive programs, namely: the digital industry. Digital transformation, space, artificial intelligence and advanced technologies, e-commerce, technology, cybersecurity industry, and technical infrastructure.


His Excellency confirmed that the volume of investments in the communications and information technology sector since the announcement of the National Program for the Digital Economy amounted to more than one billion Omani riyals, with a large portion of these investments focused on areas such as communications technologies, data storage and processing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and space technology. And semiconductors.


His Excellency Dr. Ali Al-Shethani stressed that the Ministry is working to make the COMEX exhibition a destination for promoting digital investment, and for it to be a platform through which the efforts and achievements of all partners in the government and private sectors are demonstrated on an annual basis, whether at the level of developing electronic services or developing digital products and solutions, 
 as he pointed out that COMEX 2024 participates. There are more than 282 companies compared to 216 companies last year, and the estimated value of the agreements and projects announced on the COMEX is 60% higher than those announced at the COMEX 2023, which exceeded 40 million Omani Riyals. 
His Excellency pointed out that the value of the new projects and agreements announced on the opening day is approximately 60 million Omani riyals, and includes the areas of digital, development of technical infrastructure, and Omani Investment Authority projects to support the digital economy, and technical investments.


Upcoming projects 
His Excellency Dr. Ali Al-Shaythani added that the technical revolution is a great opportunity for those who can benefit from it, and for this reason the Ministry is working on projects that will see the light soon, including: “The Omani Linguistic Model,” which is a project that keeps pace with the generative artificial intelligence revolution such as chatGPT and Gemini, with characteristics that accommodate the Omani identity and culture, as well as It is working on the Fourth Industrial Revolution Center project in cooperation with the World Economic Forum, the unified national portal project for government services, in addition to the special technology zone project for emerging companies.  

International indicators 
His Excellency stressed that a number of international indicators reflect the level of growth and development in the communications and information technology sector. The Sultanate of Oman achieved 50th place globally in the e-government development index according to the United Nations 2022 report, and ranked fourth in the electronic and mobile government services maturity index of the United Nations’ OSCWA organization for the year. 2023. It also ranked 50th internationally in the Artificial Intelligence Readiness Index for the year 2023 AD, and 33rd internationally in the Information Technology Development Index (IDI) published by the International Telecommunication Union for the year 2023 AD. 



His Excellency Dr. Undersecretary for Communications and Information Technology pointed out that there are many distinguished projects in digital transformation that deserve praise, including the pioneering step in the field of digital transformation of elections implemented by the Ministry of Interior during the elections of members of the Shura Council for the tenth term, which was an integrated digital experience for the electoral process.


Developing the digital environment 
In the field of developing the digital environment, His Excellency the Doctor said: “Over the past years, the government has launched a number of supportive initiatives and sources of funding for the growth of emerging technology companies. The Ministry has worked in cooperation with the concerned authorities to organize and develop the digital environment that stimulates and accelerates the growth of emerging technology companies as a basic pillar.” For the growth of the digital economy, and a tributary to strengthening the national economy, and today we see their impact on the growth and increasing development of Omani technology companies, and we were recently pleased with a number of important indicators such as: the inclusion of the Omani “Thawani” company in the list of the 50 most powerful companies in financial technology in the Middle East in a magazine report. “Forbes” for the year 2024 AD, and the Omani company “Rahal” was selected in third place among the 50 fastest growing companies in the Middle East in the Deloitte International report. In addition, more than 100 young Omanis were qualified in the field of semiconductor design and testing through training and employment. In the first foreign investment in a semiconductor company operating in Oman, the Omani youth in this company were able to design the first electronic chips, which they called Oman 1 and Oman 2. It is a good start for the Omani industry in the field of semiconductors.


For his part, Amr Baaboud, CEO of Dar Al Arabiya Company - the company organizing the COMEX Exhibition, explained that the COMEX Exhibition aims, over more than thirty years, to highlight the efforts made and the paths available in the field of digital transformation and technological development to diversify sources of income on the basis of technology, knowledge, innovation, and the importance of the digital economy in providing... The national economy, and added that the exhibition will provide unique opportunities to learn about the rapid global developments in advanced technologies and the role of technology in developing capabilities, skills, efficiency and productivity, as the COMEX exhibition will enjoy wide participation from various government agencies and local and international technology companies.




The exhibition inauguration ceremony included the signing of a number of agreements with several companies specialized in the technical field. The unified national portal agreement was signed between the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology, the ITHCA Group and Nortal Company. The agreement aims to develop and design the unified national portal for electronic government services. The Ministry of Transport also signed Communications, Information Technology, and Diyar United Trading and Contracting Company, a project to upgrade the infrastructure for electronic certification, with the aim of upgrading the integrated electronic certification system and finding solutions and systems for identity verification, electronic signature, time stamp, electronic stamp, and various certificate issuance systems. 
An agreement to implement the digital transformation project was also signed between the Consumer Protection Authority and ITHCA Group with the aim of automating services related to the Consumer Protection Authority, while the General Secretariat of the Tender Board and Bahwan Cybertec Company signed a contract for the design, supply, installation, implementation and maintenance of the national system for managing projects and government procurement (Takamul), to assign an electronic project that serves... All government agencies subject to the General Secretariat of the Tender Board (Digital Transformation).


Oman Data Park signed an agreement to establish the largest national data center for redundant data in the Sultanate of Oman with Middle East Information Systems Company, with an investment of approximately $25 million for the first phase, in addition to signing a strategic partnership between Omantel and Google to establish the first center for edge cloud computing services in the region (Al-Sharq Middle East, Africa and Asia), with the aim of providing generative artificial intelligence services and data analysis solutions at a value of 2 million Omani riyals, and signing a strategic partnership between Omantel and Amazon Cloud Services to establish a center for sovereign cloud services and building and operating an integrated e-commerce platform in the Sultanate, in addition to establishing A center of cloud excellence that provides solutions in generative artificial intelligence worth 24 million Omani riyals. 
It is worth noting that the exhibition is the largest forum for modern technology in the information and communications technology sector in the Sultanate of Oman, and a platform for displaying the latest electronic services for government and private institutions, and the most prominent innovations and digital products provided by companies operating in the sector, in addition to being a marketing and investment interface, through which commercial partnerships are made possible. And review the latest achievements.